Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cross-country skiing at Kirkwood

Elena & I decided to get away this weekend and drive to the mountains in Lake Tahoe.  The weather has been ideal so we thought it might be fun to head up to Kirkwood to do some cross-country skiing.  Kirkwood has many great cross-country runs and on several of the runs dogs are allowed to join you.   Our dog Dexter spent his first day in the snow today.

Dexter had a great time in the snow. We purchased Mutt Luk boots for him so his paws didn't freeze in the snow & ice.  You can see the Mutt Luk boots in the photo above.  Dexter followed Elena & I  up and down every cross-country run, darted in/out of the trees chasing squirrels and ate snowballs when he was thirsty.  It was funny to watch Dexter run full steam to catch up with us and then slide down a hill as he tried to stop himself.  I think Dexter really likes the snow.

 We spent most of the day on cross-county skis checking out all the trails at Kirkwood.  There's a really neat trail called the "Meadow".  As you probably imagine the trail takes you through the middle of a large meadow.  You're surrounded by mountains on all sides and when you look up you can see the skiers & snowboarders on the slopes of Kirkwood.

After several hours of cross-country skiing Elena decided we should switch to snow-shoeing for a while.  I was a bit skeptical at first but once I strapped on the snow-shoes I had a great time.  Our pace through the trails was not as fast but it was nice to take a walk through the mountains and enjoy the scenery with my wife and dog.

Another great day to be in the mountains.  

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