Sunday, September 16, 2012

Holy Trinity Church Picnic

Fort Mason, San Francisco

The 2012 Holy Trinity Church Picnic took place at Fort Mason in San Francisco this afternoon.  Elena & I were selected by our priest Father John to be the "Picnic Masters" for the day.  We arrived early to set-up and start the BBQ.

Getting the onions ready
We brought our dog "Dexter" and he had a great time in the park.  He rolled in the grass, ate a burger I accidentally dropped on the ground and even had a little walk with Juliana (Deacon Kiril's little girl).  

Let's go for a walk
It was a beautiful day in the park.  Elena & I cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and we all played games and had a good time.  Father John enjoyed his kite and I think the highlight of the day was the water balloon toss.....

Juliana is so cute I couldn't resist taking my photo with her while she enjoyed her strawberry.  Check out the Golden Gate bridge in the background!

I just love strawberrys!

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